New Area of Advance Director for Building Futures

Anders Logg is the new Acting Area of Advance Director for Building Futures at Chalmers.
​The Building Futures Area of Advance welcomes Anders Logg as the new Acting Area of Advance Director. Anders is a professor in Computational Mathematics within Mathematical Sciences and has a background in the Area of Advance since 2014 as the leader of the profile Virtual Cities. He researches and teaches in the area of advanced computational methods for multiphysics problems and high-performance computations with applications in architecture, design, construction, biomedicine, and mathematical physics.

“I am excited to be able lead Building Futures over the upcoming period,” says Anders. “Building Futures has a strong and consolidated management group and many new and exciting initiatives being launched in the autumn and in 2018. Right now, we are working intensively on our new initiative Virtual City@Göteborg, which aims to explore and develop digital tools for modelling, simulation and visualisation of the cities of the future in order to create new and exciting opportunities for urban planning and urban development.”

Page manager Published: Fri 01 Sep 2017.