JSP2: A new office building and innovation arena on the south Chalmers Johanneberg Campus

​Akademiska Hus is building JSP2 – a new office building and innovation arena – on the south Chalmers Johanneberg Campus. Akademiska Hus is investing about SEK 380 million in the project to further strengthen the area, which is a research and innovation environment that meets international standards.
​JSP2 (Johanneberg Science Park phase 2) will be used as an office building and an innovation arena, both during the construction process and moving forward. Several parties will pursue innovative projects here, including the building which will be a test and demonstration arena. Akademiska Hus has high ambitions for the building regarding the environment, technology and function. Based on the company's innovation strategy, three innovation challenges have been formulated for JSP2: “flexible and digital learning environments and workplaces”, “value-adding meeting places” and “a climate-friendly and resource-efficient building with a low CO2 footprint”. Based on these challenges, several specific innovation projects have begun or are under development.

The new JSP2 building will be located on the current parking area at Sven Hultins Plats between Johanneberg Science Park’s new buildings (phase 1) and Chalmers Väg och Vatten II building. JSP2 is an office building for businesses active within the Johanneberg Science Park area of focus – the built environment. The aspiration is that JSP2 will become a value-creating collaborative environment where business intersects with academia and society. Along with phase one and the other buildings, Johanneberg Science Park will become a clearer entrance to the Chalmers campus from the south.

“The JSP2 project is being conducted in close cooperation with both Johanneberg Science Park and Chalmers. Leasing is underway and agreements are already signed with tenants such as Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), formerly the Technical Research Institute of Sweden,” says Birgitta van Dalen, market area director, Akademiska Hus.

Chalmers contact:
Liane Thuvander, Building Futures Area of Advance

Floor space (m²): Approx. 9,585 m²
Gross floor space (GFS): Approx. 11,560 m²
Office space: Approx. 400 on six floors
Construction start: June 2017
Completion: Summer 2019
Certification: Miljöbyggnad system, Gold rating
Developer: Akademiska Hus
Architects: Tengbom Arkitekter
Collaborating contractor: Construction dialogue

Published: Mon 20 Feb 2017. Modified: Thu 22 Jun 2017