​At Chalmers University of Technology are a number of centres, national competence centres as well as other centres which cooperate across traditional departmental boundaries.

Some Building Futures related centres, listed in alphabetical order, are:

CBA - Centre for Housing Architecture
Information in English currently not available

CMB - Management in Built Environment

CMB is a centre for leadership management issues related to the built environment. CMB was established in 1998 as a long-term partnership between Chalmers University of Technology and Sweden’s built environment sector.

CVA - Centre for Healthcare Architecture

The Centre for Healthcare Architecture (CVA) is a national arena for the creation, translation, exchange and dissemination of knowledge about healthcare architecture.

FRIST - Forum for Risk Investigation and Sustainable Technology
FRIST is a leading competence centre in Sweden, helping to find solutions to society’s need for sustainable handling of contaminated materials and sites. 

Mistra Urban Futures
The purpose of the Mistra Urban Futures is to contribute towards making a real difference to the environment and to people's lives in the cities of the world. The centre is made up of four local interaction platforms, spread in four cities around the world: Cape Town, Gothenburg, Greater Manchester and Kisumu.

Structural Engineering Centre (website in Swedish only)
The Structural Engineering Centre is a platform for interaction and collaboration between researchers at Chalmers and different actors in the field of structural engineering. Focus is put on sustainable development in structural design and engineering with activities within the fields of research, education and utilization. The Structural Engineering Centre was started in 2003 and there are today ca 30 members connected, including stakeholders, entrepreneurs, consultants and other industrial partners. 

URBSEC - Urban Safety and Societal Security Research Centre

URBSEC is jointly run by Chalmers and University of Gothenburg. Together with external partners, the objective is to build essential competence for meeting challenges concerning urban safety, crime prevention, and societal capacities to manage and recover from serious emergencies and crises.

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