The roadmap for scientific excellence


Our mission is to create a unique integration of the knowledge triangle; research, innovation and education by including a new dimension to the existing organization. Through this strategic instrument we are able to concentrate, visualize and advance our scientific excellence by bridging gaps and accelerating the interplay between academia, industry and society, as well as within our own environment at Chalmers.

This new dimension creates a virtual matrix organization and enables a powerful way to work with an operational bottom-up process combined with a strategic top-down process.  The Areas of Advance can thereby provide powerful meeting places over boundaries and a challenge for new interdisciplinary research. 


Outstanding research

The research in most of the Areas of Advance is already recognized as outstanding and the aim is to position a major part of the research in this category. Through international evaluations we are able to continuously develop our Areas of Advance.
The Areas of Advance offer platforms for interdisciplinary research and networks that adds to the basic research performed within departments. The research organized in excellence profiles makes it possible to address urgent
issues within areas such as energy, health and sustainability by involving the right mix of disciplines necessary to meet the demands.

Integrated education

Academies will be developed in conjunction with the areas of research, which will give PhD and master students important insights in areas of strategic significance for Chalmers, industry and society. The Areas of Advance will play an important role in the reorganization of the education for master students and a specific school for researchers within Areas of Advance is under development.

Innovation and impact on society

The innovation system will meet all dimensions of the Areas of Advance from scientists to competence centers and more long-term collaborations with actors from academia, institutes, industry and society. This provides a unique possibility to bring research results into use in society and industry in an effective way.





Published: Mon 18 Oct 2010. Modified: Thu 21 Jun 2012