Strategic partnerships

Transport ​Area of Advance is host of three of Chalmers’ strategic partnerships, which is signed by the President of Chalmers. 

The partnerships promote collaboration between Chalmers, industry and organisations, through research, competence provisioning, technology development and innovation. The possibilities of industrial PhD students and adjunct researchers from the industry, joint knowledge networks and access to research infrastructure and labs, make the partnerships very rewarding. As the partnership also entails collaboration between top level managements, the partners are able to address joint priorities and form common agendas.

Furthermore, Transport Area of Advance has initiated  strategic academic partnerships with four prioritized international  universities. Together, Chalmers Transport AoA and the academic partners collaborate in research projects, exchange researchers and arrange joint workshops and conferences.

Chalmers strategic partnerships

Organisations hosted by Transport Area of Advance:


Coordinator Strategic Partnerships

Åsa Valadi
+46 31 772 21 80


Page manager Published: Wed 09 Dec 2020.