Transport Purchasing Panel

Chalmers University of Technology, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and University of Gothenburg are developing a transport research database, Transport Purchasing Panel, based on a survey what will be sent out every second year. The target group is manufacturing and wholesale companies in Sweden with more than 100 employees. The first survey was distributed in 2012, and was answered by 175 companies. The survey includes various aspects: the role of transport in the organization, purchasing of transport services, modes of transport, environmental aspects, collaboration with transport providers and future.

Transport Purchasing Panel [In Swedish]​


For more information in English, please contact:

Linda Styhre
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
Phone: 031-708 65 02


​Dan Andersson
Chalmers tekniska högskola
Phone: 031-772 13 39


Published: Thu 27 Feb 2014. Modified: Wed 28 Jan 2015