Transport Efficiency and Customer Adapted Logistics


Well-functioning transport systems are essential for the effectiveness and efficiency of logistics systems and thereby the competitiveness of firms as well as mobility for people and quality of life. 

The profile includes two highly interrelated active fields, reflecting two main perspectives, where researchers meet to jointly develop multidisciplinary research, education and innovation. These active fields are:

Demand for transport services and logistics aiming at understanding and developing the design and organisation of supply, production and distribution networks as well as purchasing of transport.

Supply of transport and logistics services aiming at finding ways to reduce traffic while transport work is increasing. A growing awareness of the relationship between transport efficiency and the environmental consequences of different logistics and transport solutions spurs the development of the research.
The two active fields address challenges related to: Designing, enabling, managing and maintaining efficient, flexible and sustainable transport and logistics systems; Understanding the interplay - and facilitating coordination and cooperation  - between  actors in supply chains, operations and transport networks.


Research Centre

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Published: Fri 12 Nov 2010. Modified: Tue 12 Sep 2017