Sustainable Vehicle Technologies

A sustainable transport system requires new solutions for propulsion systems and vehicle concepts. The research within this profile area targets solutions for a highly energy efficient transport system, that uses renewable energy sources, have no net emissions of greenhouse gases and no other harmful emissions to the environment.

Chalmers has a long scientific tradition and a set of strong research centres in this profile area which generates competence and knowledge within the fields of hybrid vehicles, electric drives, electric energy storages, combustion engines, after-treatment systems, reduced resistance and vehicle environmental impact. All conventional transport modes are represented.

Research and innovation are mainly conducted within four areas: combustion engine research and electric and hybrid vehicles, both aiming to find sustainable solutions for how to propel vehicles in the future, vehicle concepts and design aiming at reducing propulsion resistance and vehicle environmental impact aiming at analysing factors affecting future generations of vehicle powertrains and concepts towards more sustainable vehicle technologies.


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Published: Fri 12 Nov 2010. Modified: Tue 03 Jul 2018