Green, safe and efficient transport is a prerequisite for an attractive society that takes responsibility for human life and the nature that surrounds us. New knowledge that generates new solutions is a key issue.

Chalmers Transport Area of Advance covers a wide range of transport research with research skills from almost all departments. With the common driving force of enabling green, safe and efficient transportation the sustainable transport system the Area of Advance provides a meeting place and platform for research to meet the challenges of society.

Profile areas

The research is focused mainly on three profile areas – Sustainable Vehicle Technologies, Traffic Safety, and Transport Efficiency and Customer Adapted Logistics – connected by overall, relevant themes that are continously updated.

National and international research collaboration 

Researchers within the Transport Area of Advance are part of numerous academic collaborations with other universities in Sweden and Europe but also with universities outside Europe. The main university collaborations within Europe are in Great Britain, Germany and Finland, and outside Europe in the US, China, Japan. 

For further information about the research collaborations within the Transport Area of Advance please contact Åsa Valadi: 

Interdisciplinary research 

Research in the Transport Area of Advance includes collaboration with the University of Gothenburg. Furthermore, it involves links to the other Areas of Advance at Chalmers, especially with Energy for research on Sustainable Vehicle Technologies, which also links to the Materials Science and Health Engineering. With the latter, there's also a joint focus on traffic safety issues. Transport Area of Advance's links to  ICT Area of Advance address issues concerned with intelligent transport systems. Finally, developments in Production ​has an impact on the demands for transport services.

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