Be a pioneer of sustainable transport solutions

We are recruiting 18 postdocs in Transport research

Mobility of people, and accessibility of products, are fundamental parts of the modern society. Chalmers Area of Advance Transport is set to tackle the challenges caused by increased transport activities -- climate change, pollution, and accidents. To boost our research we recruit a number of postdocs within three different profiles:

Efficient and green supply chains

How can efficient and green supply chains be developed and implemented? Six postdocs will address these challenges from different perspectives, such as digitalisation, planning, organisation, and services, in order to increase efficiency as well as effectiveness and contribute to the global sustainability goals. Read more about these positions

Automated driving and safety

Is an accident-free traffic system within reach? As a part of a coordinated effort, six postdocs will explore various avenues for accident avoidance and automated driving. Read more about these positions

Sustainable vehicle technologies

How can we reduce the environmental impact of vehicles? Six postdocs will analyse the challenges related to electromobility, car-sharing, and reduced emissions from vehicles, vessels and aircraft.  Read more about these positions

Work with us for a green, safe and mobile future!

Published: Mon 01 Dec 2014. Modified: Wed 05 Apr 2017