Magnus Granström new profile leader

​Transport Area of Advance has got a new profile leader. Magnus Granström, Director at SAFER, share the post with Mats Svensson for a while, and then takes over as leader of the profile Traffic Safety.
Hello Magnus! Could you tell us about your job at SAFER?

SAFER, or the Vehicle and Traffic Safety Center at Chalmers which is the full name, is a competence center for traffic safety. As a director, my daily work is about creating the best possible platform for our partners. Today we have 35 partners – including, for example, Autoliv, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, RISE, VTI and the Swedish Transport Administration – and the platform gives us possibilities to conduct joint research projects, build competence and disseminate knowledge.”

What will you bring to the AoA Transport?

“I bring my broad experience from both academia and industry; among other things, I have worked for 15 years at AB Volvo. In addition, I can contribute with an international network, especially when it comes to EU activities.”

Why did you take the role as profile leader, what attracted you?

“Being a profile leader at AoA Transport has a big overlap with my role as director at SAFER, so for me it felt logical to say yes. It is also very informatory to work together with other profile areas because traffic safety is so intimately linked to other aspects, such as transport efficiency.”

You now share the position with Mats Svensson. For how long and how does it work?

“Yes, Mats and I work together during 2019. It fits us well, as he has entered a new role at his department during the past spring. We try to share the work tasks appropriately, also based on which of us is available in different contexts.”

What do you look forward to working with the Area of Advance?

“I feel that I have a good knowledge of the area already, through both Mats Svensson and Area of Advance Director Sinisa Krajnovic. I now look forward to being able to work even more with common roadmaps, calls, EU activities and more!

Text: Mia Malmstedt
Photo: Henrik Sandsjö

Published: Thu 29 Aug 2019.