AstaZero testing facility

Call for funding of activities at AstaZero

​In order to increase Chalmers’ activities at AstaZero, the Transport Area of Advance offers support for education and research activities at the facility during the Autumn of 2019.

From September 1, researchers at Chalmers are offered to use the AstaZero testing facility at a reduced fee. The testing facility can be used on Friday afternoons for SEK 10,000.  
The Area of Advance Transport now offers researchers an opportunity to get funding for this fee during a trial period from September 1 to December 31, 2019.

Different parts of the AstaZero facility will be available on different Fridays. Please contact AstaZero (see contact below) for information on when certain areas of the facility are available. 

A short application and budget should be sent to Kajsa Hulthén, Co-director of the Transport Area of Advance. Decisions on funding will be announced asap after application is sent in. 

Main contact person at AstaZero: Monica Ringvik, CTO, AstaZero.
Main contact person at Chalmers: Kajsa Hulthén, Co-director of Transport Area of Advance.

Published: Wed 26 Jun 2019.