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External collaboration

Collaboration with industry, organisations and the public sector characterise the majority of Area of Advance Transport's activities. Through close interaction with society, conditions for sustainable development, both locally and globally, are built.

Collaboration between academia and industry enhances the exchange of knowledge in both directions. Chalmers has long-term agreements with large companies and organisations, and the researchers collaborate with a large number of companies where the majority is involved in several projects. 
Chalmers' researchers are also involved in private and public organisations, both national and international, to support in setting policies and standards. Collaborations with Science Parks, the School of Entrepreneurship and other actors within Chalmers' innovation system creates a starting point for different types of efforts. 

The research centres facilitate and coordinate collaboration between academy and industry. 
In order to further enhance the impact of research on society, Chalmers develop additional platforms of interaction with industry and society as well as new ways of stimulating innovation to foster new transport solutions.

Strategic partnerships

Transport ​Area of Advance is host of three of Chalmers’ strategic partnerships. The partnerships promote long-standing​ collaborations between Chalmers, industry and organisations, through research, competence provisioning, technology development and innovation. As the partnerships entail collaboration between top level managements, the partners are able to address joint priorities and form common agendas.

Read more about Chalmers' strategic partnerships here.

Transport Area of Advance is host to the partnerships with (read more by clicking below):

Other major collaboration partners of Transport Area of Advance include:

Business Region Göteborg
City of Gothenburg
Port of Gothenburg
Region Västra Götaland​
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Stena Teknik
Swedish Energy Agency
Swedish Transport Administration

Collaborations with international universities

Furthermore, Transport Area of Advance has also initiated strategic academic partnerships with four prioritised international  universities. Together, Chalmers Transport AoA and the academic partners collaborate in research projects, exchange researchers and arrange joint workshops and conferences. By promoting exchange of researchers and doctoral students, new research possibilities are created.

The four prioritised international academic partnerships:

Coordinator Strategic Partnerships

Peter Lindwall
+46 31 772 25 58

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