​There are a number of centres related to Transport Area of Advance:

SAFER is a centre of excellence for vehicle and traffic safety which conducts collaborative, interdisciplinary research and innovation to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in traffic. Chalmers is the host for the center, which has 34 partners from academia, industry and society.

Northern LEAD
Northern LEAD coordinates and supports logistics research at Chalmers  and University of Gothenburg in order to increase volume, quality and  relevance of the research. This high quality research contributes to a sustainable logistics development that gives companies competitive advantages and benefits to society.

Swedish Electromobility Centre (former Swedish Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Centre, SHC)
Swedish Electromobility Centre is a national centre of excellence for electric and hybrid vehicles and charging infrastructure. The centre serves as a base for integration between academia, industry and society. The research covers system studies and methods, electrical machines and drives, energy storage, vehicle analysis and fuel cell technology. 

Combustion Engine Research Centre (CERC)
CERC is a university-industrial partnership performing engine research on reduced fuel consumption (lower CO2 production) and exhaust emissions. We focus on new direct-injected engine combustion concepts and renewable fuels. CERC performs applied and basic experiments, develops models, and experimentally validates models.

Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK)
KCK is a national interdisciplinary research centre which is focused on environmental catalysis and energy-related catalysis. The vision is to contribute to sustainable transport-, energy- and environmental systems by developing state-of-the-art catalytic techniques. The Swedish Energy Agency, Chalmers and six member companies finance the research.

Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels, f3​
F3, is a national center which, through collaborations, aims to contribute to the development of future renewable fuels. F3's partners include Sweden’s most active universities and research institutes within the field, and as well as a broad range of industry companies with high relevance.

Lighthouse - Maritime Competence Centre​
Lighthouse is a national competence centre for maritime research and innovation. It's based on a triple helix collaboration between academy, industry and government. The purpose is to be a driver for reaching the maritime zero vision, which envisages zero accidents and zero noxious emissions.

CHARMEC is a National Centre of Excellence in railway rechanics with 12 partners from industry and public sector. The research sets out from the interaction between train and track and resulting phenomena (noise, material deterioration, brake phenomena etc), which cause over half of the maintenance costs of track and freight vehicles.

Atmospheric science has a trans-disciplinary character and covers a broad range of topics where Gothenburg with its many strong research groups and partners forms a unique centre. The objective of GAC is to coordinate and strengthen the atmospheric research resources and activities in the region.

CLOSER is the Swedish arena for research, development and innovation within transport efficiency. The arena is a part of Lindholmen Science Park AB. CLOSER offers a neutral innovation and demonstration environment for collaboration between industry, academy and public sector. 

CTS (China-Sweden Research Centre for Traffic Safety)
Partners in CTS: Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (RIOH), Tongji University, Volvo Car Corporation, AB Volvo, Chalmers, Autoliv Development AB, Tsinghua University 

SITIS (Sweden-India Transport Innovation and Safety Partnership)
Partners in SITIS: Volvo Group, Autoliv, Ericsson, Manipal Hospital, Altair, Saab, Tech Mahindra, India Institute of Science (IISc), Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Program, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (TRIPP, IITD), Chalmers University of Technology, Rise, ARAI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI)​

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