Transport lunch seminar series

Transport Area of Advance organizes a series of lunch seminars for researchers in the Transport research area, at Chalmers and at University of Gothenburg.
  • During the seminars we offer a light lunch, and therefore registration is required. The seminars are free of charge.
  • The program is typically scheduled for one hour, with an additional hour for further discussion and exchange of experiences. 
  • Places are limited and we apply first come first served. We kindly ask you to contact us if you have registered but is not able to attend!
  • Please note that the seminars are not intended for students.
Contact: Emilia Lundgren, Communications officer AoA Transport,

Upcoming seminars

Previous seminars

27 Nov 2018: Geely Innovation Centre in Europe

25 Oct 2018:

25 Sept 2018:

29 May 2018: The Future of Infrastructure Planning: Rethinking transport infrastructure planning to extend its value over time

26 April 2018: Electricity and biofuels for transport – do we need both?

Published: Sun 30 Oct 2016. Modified: Mon 13 May 2019