Meet our speakers

​Here we present the speakers that you will meet at the initiative seminar "Electromobility - Back to the future", 13 September 2018.

Anders Forslund

Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology
Anders Forslund is a researcher at Chalmers. He is the coordinator of the project "ELISE-Electric Aviation in Sweden", where a prototype of a manned electric aircraft will be designed and built.  He is also building drones for a proposed aerial medical delivery network in Northern Sweden.

Andreas Schäfer

Professor of Energy and Transport, University College London
Andreas SchäferAndreas W. Schäfer is a Professor of Energy and Transport at the UCL Energy Institute, University College London, where he also directs the Air Transportation Systems Laboratory (  His advisory roles include the Aerospace Technology Institute, the UK Airports Commission, and the World Economic Forum.  Prior to joining the UCL Energy Institute, he held appointments at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Cambridge, and Stanford University.  Andreas holds a MSc in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in Energy Economics, both from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.  He is lead-author of “Transportation in a Climate-Constrained World”, MIT Press (June 2009).

Ann Charlotte Mellqvist

Researcher, Sustainable Business, RISE 
Ann-Charlotte MellqvistI work as a researcher at RISE Viktoria since 2015. My core area of research is the transition to circular business models, often in combination with sustainable transport solutions.
My academic background is an MBA in International Finance from Gothenburg School of Law and Management in 1989, and more recently an MBA in Innovation Enterprise and Circular Economy from Bradford University UK in 2016.
For more than 25 years I worked in business, first as a financial controller and the last 18 years as a consultant and project manager in the IT industry. I have worked in a number of industries such as Manufacturing, Services, Utilities, Transport & Logistics and Defence.

Annika Ahlberg Tidblad

Senior Technical Advisor Traction Battery, Volvo Car Corporation
Annika Ahlberg TidbladAnnika is an electrochemist with extensive experience working with diverse aspects of battery technology and application. She is currently employed by Volvo Cars Corporation where she is committed to developing propulsion battery solutions for electric vehicles. Annika represents OICA in UN Vehicle Regulation development for Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS) and Environmental Factors (EVE) and is vice chair of ACEA TF-EVS, where she currently has lead fon Li ion Thermal Propagation requirements and testing methodology.


Elna Holmberg

Director, Swedish Electromobility Centre
Elna HolmbergDr. Elna Holmberg is the director of Swedish Electromobility Centre. The centre unites Swedish e mobility expertise and is a node for interaction between academia, industry and society.
Elna Holmberg received her PhD on numerical simulations on turbulent combustion.  Dr. Holmberg has since worked mainly in the automotive industry in different managerial positions focusing a variety of areas, from engineering and styling to academic research,  both for cars and heavy vehicles.  Later, as Research Leader withing R&D at AB Volvo, she focused on future vehicle systems and the need for developing both competences and solutions.
After several years in product development, Dr. Holmberg resumed her contacts with academy to take up the challenge to build a national centre for hybrid and electric vehicles, a position which still captures her attention.

Frances Sprei

Assistant Professor, Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers University of Technology
Frances Sprei has a PhD in Energy and Environment from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. She has background in both engineering physics (M. Sc.) and human ecology (Ba).  Her research focus is sustainable mobility looking at electromobility, mobility as a service and alternative fuels. Her methods are interdisciplinary and she takes into consideration technical, economical and behavioral aspects. She teaches both at undergraduate and graduate level in sustainable transportation and principles of sustainable development. She has held public lectures to companies, organizations, and the Swedish parliament.

Hans Fogelberg

Regional developer, Region Västra Götaland
Tekn. Lic at Chalmers in 1997 and PhD in technology policy studies at University of Gothenburg in 2000, focusing the transition to electric vehicles in the road transport sector. Hans is since 2011 a senior advisor and regional developer at the Region Västra Götaland (VGR), Department for Research, Development and Education (FoUU). This role include providing analysis and support for political decisions concerning the regional activities in public-private-partnerships in the area of vehicle, transportation, production, ICT and advanced materials.

Ivana Tasic

Assistant Professor in Urban Mobility Systems, Chalmers University of Technology
Ivana TasicIvana Tasic is an assistant professor in Urban Mobility Systems group affiliated with Geo Division at ACE Department at Chalmers. She holds a doctoral degree in transportation engineering from the University of Utah and a diploma in urban traffic and transport engineering from the University of Belgrade. Her research is multidisciplinary at the intersection of traffic engineering and urban planning. She is also currently working under Area of Advance Transport.


Johan Hellsing

Senior Technical Specialist, CEVT
Johan HellsingJohan Hellsing holds a licentiate degree in electric machine design, and has worked in the Automotive Industry for over 20 years. Most of his work has been around electric drive systems related to hybrid powertrains for various applications such as cars, trucks, buses, excavators and wheel loaders. He also has experience from designing the normal 12/24 V vehicle power net. Since 2015 he is the CEVT technical specialist within Electric Propulsion Systems and works in the team for new powertrain concepts.


Laetitia Dablanc

Professor, University Paris-East IFSTTAR
Laetitia DablancLaetitia Dablanc is a Director of Research at the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport,, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR, University of Paris-East), and a member of MetroFreight, a VREF Center of excellence in urban freight research. She is a part-time visiting professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has researched and published on freight transportation, freight and the environment, urban freight and logistics, freight transport policies. She received a PhD in transportation planning from Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech, and a Master’s degree in city and regional planning from Cornell University. She was initially trained in policy analysis and economics at Science Po Paris.

Maarten Messagie

Team leader Life Cycle Assessment, MOBI
Maarten MessagieDr. ir. Maarten Messagie leads the LCA team of the research group MOBI at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Maarten develops and coordinates several large European and national projects on electric vehicles and microgrids successfully and supervises 7 PhD students. His expertise and research focus is on the optimization of sustainable energy systems including electric vehicles, renewable power generation and energy storage systems. Specific tools and databases are developed enabling key insights: uncertainty propagation in Life Cycle Assessment, ecodesign, vehicle-to-grid services, life cycle costing, supply chain social risks assessments, total cost of ownership, charging infrastructure location optimization, macro-economic consequences of energy supply/demand, levelised cost of energy storage.

Mathias Lidberg

Associate Professor in Vehicle Dynamics, Chalmers University of Technology
Mattias LidbergI obtained my PhD in Mechanics from Chalmers University of Technology in 2004. Currently I am an Associate Professor in Vehicle Dynamics at the same university.
Prior to PhD studies, I was an Engineering Analyst with Mechanical Dynamics Inc. (now Hexagon). My primary research areas are:
Integrated powertrain and chassis control and Optimal control applications in vehicle dynamics. Currently I am working on brake-blending control of electric vehicles.
I am also teaching and supervising graduate and post-graduate students. I am the co-founder of one start-up company in the automotive area.

Mia Romare

Project Manager Life Cycle Assessment, VTI
Mia RomareMia Romare has a MSc in engineering physics and a background in the automotive industry. Her work has been focused life cycle assessments of vehicles, including both conventional and electric propulsion. Currently, Mia works as project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, to a large extent with projects related to life cycle assessment and the automotive industry. Mia has also been involved in projects relating to critical raw materials, and the risk associated with using these materials, for example in automotive applications.


Stefan Pettersson

Research Manager in Electromobility, RISE
Stefan PetterssonStefan Pettersson has a Ph.D. in Control Engineering and became an Associate Professor in Control Engineering at Chalmers University in 2004. During 2006-2009 Stefan worked in the automotive industry at Volvo Technology. Since 2009, Stefan is the Research Manager in Electromobility at RISE (Reasearch Institute of Sweden) Viktoria consisting of a group of more than twenty people working in more than thirty Electromobility projects. Stefan is also responsible for the focus area of Energy and Environment at RISE Mobility, one of five business- and innovation areas at RISE. Stefan is also an adjunct professor at Chalmers, and part of the department council at Electrical Engineering.

Tim Schwanen

Director of the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford
Tim SchwanenDr Tim Schwanen is Director of the Transport Studies Unit, Associate Professor of Transport Studies in the School of Geography and Environment, and Fellow at St Anne's College. He joined the Transport Studies Unit (TSU) in March 2009 and became Director in September 2015.
Before coming to Oxford he worked as a lecturer in urban geography at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. At that university he also completed his PhD dissertation (2003, cum laude) and MSc dissertation (1999, cum laude).
Tim is also a Co-Director of the RCUK funded Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (2013-2018) in which the TSU collaborates with research groups in the Universities of Sussex and Manchester.
Since July 2016 he has been a Visiting Professor of Human Geography at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Tom Norbech

Senior Advisor, Statens Vegvesen
Tom NorbechTom E. Nørbech has since 2010 been working in the field of transport/climate/energy at the governmental agencies Transnova, Enova and The Norwegian Public Roads Administration. He was the project leader for the first plan for a national charging strategy delivered to the minister of transport in 2014.


Viveca Risberg

Architect and project manager, City of Gothenburg
Viveca RisbergI work as a project manager at the  City Planning Authority, City of Gothenburg, with different stages in planning the city's physical environment. This mainly includes planning programs, early investigations and zoning. I am also the coordinator of the City Planning Authority's work in the project ElectriCity. Our administration entered this project as electrified travel and transport emerged as a source of inspiration and motivation for future urban development.
I graduated from Chalmers Architecture programme in the 90's and have since then worked in architectural offices with design and in municipal activities with planning.

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