Transport - A Chalmers Area of Advance

Mobility of people and goods is a fundamental part of the modern society and generates tremendous economic and social value. However, growing transport volumes pose challenges such as climate change, environmental pollution and traffic accidents.

Improvements in vehicle efficiency, the implementation of new drive-lines, and improved efficiency of transport systems have so far proved insufficient in our efforts in proceeding towards sustainable transport and logistics systems. The difficult task we face is to create the potential for sustainable, safe transport systems and, at the same time, increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Our key challenges:
  • environmental impact
  • land use
  • urbanization
  • traffic accidents
  • effective transports

Future development cannot be conducted by a single industrial, public or academic actor. Mitigating climate impact and reducing risks in the transport sector are serious challenges that require collaboration between various stakeholders, including business and industry agents and the society as a whole. To approach the problems associated with transport development there is a need to simultaneously address several levels in and perspectives on the transport system, taking into consideration the interaction of vehicles and vessels, networks of infrastructures and the demand and supply of transport and logistics services.

Read more in Area of Advance Transport Folder 2017 [pdf].

Published: Mon 27 May 2013. Modified: Mon 14 Aug 2017