8 ways to make a difference

The Areas of Advance brings together education, research and innovation. In our mind, this is the key to be able to successfully meet the needs of society and contribute to a sustainable future.

One formula, eight Areas of advance

By coordinating our work in eight Areas of Advance together with our researchers, students and entrepreneurs, and create arenas where new ideas are born and initiatives are taken by different people, we believe we can make a difference in the world. The visibility and focus the Areas of Advance brings, creates even more possibilities for cooperation and dynamics. By focusing our strengths, we can take on larger challenges than before and reach further and further.

Five of our Areas of Advance have received substantial governmental funds to take on a national responsibility. The other three areas are considered equally important with a potential to meet some of the grand challenges of the future. The eight areas are presented on the left.

Vision - Meet the grand challenges with scientific excellence

 The primary goal for each area is scientific excellence. By attracting key people, provide a forum for open discussions, ideas and bringing relevant organisations together, Chalmers overall vision for the Areas of Advance is to match our scientific excellence against global challenges where we can make a difference.

Nurtured by the same vision and driving forces as the university itself, each area ultimately seeks to enhance sustainability in the world - Chalmers overall vision. The Areas of Advance is Chalmers way to make this possible, by our unique organization model, allowing both operational and strategic working processes to run smoothly together. The areas are firmly rooted in the basic and applied sciences, the prerequisite for scientific understanding and driven by innovation and entrepreneurship.
Most of the Areas of Advance are already in the scientific forefront, and some are almost there. The goal for the Areas of Advance is to - in every area - reach scientific excellence. 
The Areas of Advance are primarily about interaction between people. Between researchers within and outside of Chalmers, between scientists, teachers and students at Chalmers, and between Chalmers and the rest of the world. Locally and globally. We are not just a University in Gothenburg, Sweden, our arena is in fact the world.




Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Wed 20 May 2015