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About the Areas of Advance

​We have established a unique concept of Areas of Advance, which involves an ever-changing, ongoing exchange of expertise across disciplines, between students and teachers, and alongside partners from industry and society – beneficial to all.
The Areas of Advance are organised as strong, challengedriven thematic platforms for strategy and long-term collaboration that hunt down specific challenges, often directly relevant for industry and society. They also offer common access to cutting-edge research infrastructures as well as to several targeted centres. At the same time, our departments represent a continuous source of expertise. And it is this, the interplay between the departments and the Areas of Advance, that is so instrumental to our success, mobilizing all aspects of our operations.

We target societal challenges

We have organised our operations in form of a matrix, where departments are intertwined by Areas of Advance and areas of education, all to promote an interdisciplinary approach. While our departments provide a solid base of knowledge and expertise, our Areas of Advance – all of which have the goal of sustainable development at their core – target complex societal challenges.
Our matrix organisation enables us to look ahead and be bold in our endeavours. It facilitates the capability of rolling out results. New ideas and innovative solutions can quickly be tested and scaled to fit reality, allowing us to efficiently turn research into impact.

Dynamic meeting places

The Areas of Advance are organised as seven particularly strong and challenge-driven operations in which concrete issues directly relevant for industry and society are addressed. Here, participants from different corners of society gather around common objectives. The mobilisation integrates interdisciplinary research, education and innovation, and the aim is the creation of a sustainable future.

Page manager Published: Mon 10 Jun 2019.