Rules of procedure for undergraduate programmes (C2008/271)

Normally, a grade should be given for a completed course. If a grade is not given this should be stated in the syllabus. The grade should be decided by an examiner appointed by the President.
A grade for successful completion of a course is given in accordance with the common grades scale for Chalmers with a range of grades unless stipulated otherwise in the syllabus.
A student who has failed two examinations for a course is entitled to have another examiner appointed unless there are particular reasons for not doing so.
The decision regarding correction of writing errors, calculation errors or similar oversights with regard to grading is reached by an examiner. If the examiner finds that the decision regarding a grade is honestly incorrect as a result of new circumstances or for some other reason, an examiner must change the decision if this can be done quickly and simply and if it does not mean that the grade is lowered.

Grading system at Chalmers University of Technology

The scope of the education is to be indicated in higher education credits, with full time studies for a normal 40-week academic year corresponding to 60 higher education credits.

Unless otherwise prescribed in the course syllabus, a grade is to be awarded on completion of a course. The grade is to be determined by a teacher specially appointed by the higher education institution (an examiner).

The grades assigned are defined as Three, Four or Five. A higher figure signifies a better grade. The grade Three is the lowest pass grade. Apart from this scale, the scale passed/not passed may be used. No overall grade is given for a degree and students are not ranked.

The ECTS Grading Scale replaced by the ECTS Grading Table (ECTS User's Guide 2008)

Since the old system using the ECTS Grading Scale was too difficult to apply on local grading systems it has been replaced by the ECTS Grading Table. It means that every higher education institution provide a standard distribution scale over the local grades.

ECTS Grading Table

Chalmers grading system Total number of courses in the reference group  Percentage of the total number
3 (Tre)  94779 41.80 %
4 (Fyra) 85143 37.55 % 
5 (Fem) 46835 20.65 % 

Based on the academic years 2004-2008

The grading system at the School of Architecture: courses are given on a passed/not passed basis.

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