University Board

Members of the Board

  • Torbjörn Holmström, Chair
  • Elisabeth Björk, Vice Chair 
  • Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO
  • Mats Agervi, External Member
  • Ingmar Björkman, External Member
  • Helena Lundberg Nilsson, External Member
  • Paul Welander, External Member
  • Susanne Aalto, Faculty Senate
  • Elizabeth Wulcan, Faculty Senate
  • Gustav Eriksson, Student Union
  • Dennis Norman, Student Union
  • Emplyoee Representative, SACO - To be appointed at the annual general meeting in April 2021
  • Jean-Marc Orliaguet, Emplyoee Representative, ST
  • Johan Persson, Emplyoee Representative, SEKO

Adjunct members of the Board
  • Martin Nilsson Jacobi, CEO Chalmers University of Technology Foundation
  • Christopher Sauer, Representative from the PhD student section

  • Ann-Margret Hvitt Strömvall, SACO
  • Erik Lindblom, ST
  • Eva-Gun Ranebro, SECO
  • David Welander, Student Union

Planning and coordination
  • Jonna Amgard, Project coordinator

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