Chalmers' Management Group

​Chalmers' management group is responsible for strategic direction, key decisions and their implementation. The group consists of:
• President and CEO Stefan Bengtsson
• First Vice President with responsibility for research and research education Mats Viberg
• Vice President of Undergraduate- and Master's Education Maria Knutson Wedel
• Vice President of Utilisation Fredrik Hörstedt
• Vice President Areas of Advance Anna Dubois
• Chief Process Officer Rolf Almelund 
• Head of Communications and Marketing Department Camilla Jacobsohn
• HR Director Lisskulla Lindström  
• Senior Advisor Cecilia Hahn Berg
• Financial Manager Per Setterberg
• Chairman Chalmers student union Carl von Rosen Johansson 
• Adjunct member: Arne Svensson, Head of Division of Management Support (Chalmers Operations Support)

Published: Tue 26 Apr 2016. Modified: Tue 02 May 2017