Chalmers operations support

Chalmers operations support is Chalmers’ organisation for staff and reporting support to the management, joint administration and service to departments and other units. The work is organised under 9 divisions.

Contact persons for each department are found below. If you are looking for a specific person at Chalmers, you can search for staff members or contact our switchboard at +46 31 772 10 00.

Chief process officer: Tommy Bothin 

Management support

 The Division of Management support is primarily responsible for providing support to Chalmers’ management group in matters concerning decisions and preparation of decisions, as well as management- and main processes. The division has functions within the following areas:

  • Archives and records management
  • Business development
  • Collaboration with industry and society
  • Function for Facilities Management and Campus Development
  • Fundraising
  • Internationalization
  • Legal advice
  • Process management 
  • Risk and security function
  • Support to the management
  • Sustainability

Head of Division: Malin Blomqvist

Staff at the Management support


Student and education office

Student and education office works with:

  • Admissions
  • Student records (Ladok)
  • Responsibility for documentation on courses offered (the Study Portal) including administrative support to teachers and students
  • Degrees, Final examinations and diplomas
  • Rules and regulations for undergraduate study
  • Process support for decisions by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and GUN
  • Statistics, follow-up and information to external and internal bodies
  • Development of administrative processes/support for study
  • System owners of Ladok, the Study Portal
  • Registration, choice of courses, certificates, information
  • Study counselling
  • International guidance

Head of Division: Gunilla Walther
Staff at Student and education office


Planning, analysis and finance 

The division works with:

  • Accounting
  • Financial systems
  • Tax and VAT questions
  • Invoice handling and in and out payments
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Business law
  • Financial support to centres
  • Operational planning and financial planning
  • Budget questions
  • Planning infrastructure: premises and IT
  • Follow-up (operational and financial)
  • Quality issues (incl. assessments)
  • The Foundation
  • Preparation of cases for management
  • Responsibility for methods and process in planning and follow up questions

Acting Head of Division  and CFO: Per Setterberg
Staff at Planning, analysis and finance ​​

Programme and project management office

The division includes four functions which main responsibilities are:


Programme management office
  • Coordination and monitoring of the projects within the organization development program ”Utmärkt intern miljö” (UIM)
  • Executive support for the program steering group
  • Development of joint routines and methodology for the programme
  • Programme performance measurement
  • Monitoring of organisational effects of project outcomes

Project management office

  • Support, coordination and development of Chalmers project management
  • Project performance measurement
  • Training and education concerning Chalmers project methodology, “Praktisk Projektstyrning” (PPS)


  • Administrate IT-management objects; Computer workplace, Communication, Infrastructure and Operations infrastructure
  • Coordinate IT-management objects and Chalmers IT-management model, “PM3”


  • Develop IT strategy, policies, guidelines and rules of use
  • Establish IT-strategic five year plan linked to Chalmers strategic policy document “PVU”
  • Information security responsibilities

Head of Division: Tony Ottosson Gadd
Staff at Programme and project management office


Operative and strategic support

The Division of Operative and strategic support (OSS) supports Chalmers' management, departments and areas of advance with coordination and project management. OSS consists of three units.

Head of Division: Lana Hallengren

Staff at Operative and Strategic Support


The IT services office provides a service on both of Chalmers’ campuses, within the following areas:

  • Operating joint systems
  • Networks
  • Telephony
  • Help Desk
  • Operations/support computer terminals

Head of Division: Ingvar Andersson
Staff at IT office

Communications and marketing

The Communications and marketing department is responsible for communications and public relations at Chalmers, both internal and external. The office is also responsible for the Chalmers brand. Our key responsibilities are:

  • To lead and develop the Chalmers communications strategy, including marketing communication, media relations and relations with the community, both nationally and internationally.
  • Internal communication
  • Branding
  • Academic ceremonies
  • Crisis management

Head of Department: Sara Jönsson​
Staff at Communications and marketing

HR division

The HR division works with:

  • Method development, advice and support on personnel issues and recruitment, introduction, setting of wage rates, competence maintenance, pension issues, in-service training, relocation and redundancy
  • Professional development/management development 
  • Personnel planning 
  • Issues involving the working environment, equal opportunity and environmental issues
  • Cooperation with the trades union organisations 
  • Salaries and travel expenses service 
  • Safety issues 
  • Diversity issues

Head of Division: Lisskulla Lindström
Staff at HR division

Service division

Service division is responsible for service, consultation and advice in areas such as the areas below.

  • Cleaning Service
  • Transport Service, with central goods reception
  • Examination Administration
  • Caretaker and Technical Service
  • Switchboard and Reception

Head of Division:  Linda Vidén Ljungars​​
Staff at Service division


Published: Thu 06 Feb 2020.