Visualisation of Chalmers organisational structure, described in the text.


Chalmers University of Technology is a foundation university with the board of the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation as its supreme decision-making body.

The university board  is responsible for the overall planning, co-ordination and follow-up of the university's activities. Under the university board, the President and CEO is responsible for operations generally.

The President and Vice Presidents

The President and the Office of the President represent Chalmers in its dealings with the Swedish government

offices and with other external organisations. They work with the overall strategy to advance the university and to coordinate and monitor its operations.

Departments and research groups

Teaching and research is carried out by Chalmers' 13 departments. The departments are led by a Head of department, and are made up of research groups and divisions.


At Chalmers there are six national competence centres financed by Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency. There are also a number of centres cooperating across traditional departmental boundaries.

Chalmers Operations Support

Chalmers Operations Support has seven divisions: Management and general university support, HR,  IT, Communications , Planning Analysis and Economics, Service and the Student and Education office.

The Chalmers Group

Included in the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation (Chalmers Foundation) group are the subsidiary companies Chalmers University of Technology AB (Chalmers) and Chalmers Holding AB. Chalmers Holding has the subsidiaries Chalmers Ventures AB and Chalmersfastigheter AB. The Chalmers Foundation is also a partner in the technology parks Lindholmen Science Park, Johanneberg Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park as well as in Swedish Electric Transport Laboratory AB (SEEL). Chalmers and the Chalmers Foundation appoints the boards of Chalmers Industrial Technology Foundation and Chalmers Innovation Foundation.

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