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Centre for Advanced Studies

Advanced studies lead to new knowledge, providing the scientific capital from which practical applications can be developed.
History confirms the fact that even though fundamental research may not seek to resolve a specific problem, it is an investment that may pay off endless times over the years to come. For example, when lasers were first invented in 1960, they were sometimes referred to “a solution looking for a problem”. Since then, they have been put to use in endless everyday applications from barcode scanners and compact disc players to laser printers and fibre-optic communications.
Gothenburg Centre for Advanced Studies attracts and allows world class researchers, leading experts within their respective disciplines, to work and interact in a multidisciplinary research environment which stimulates new ways of thinking and leading to even more groundbreaking epoch-making advances. The center is a joint venture between Chalmers and University of Gothenburg.
A centre for curiosity driven research
The Centre for Advanced Studies brings together the very best scientists and students from Chalmers and from around the world to offer novel thoughts and inspiration.

The Centre encourages researchers from various fields to exchange ideas, explore new possibilities and develop innovative, interdisciplinary partnerships. Unrestricted deep thinking not only brings about a greater understanding of nature, it also leads to important and life-changing discoveries. Discoveries for which the researchers may later be awarded the Nobel Prize.
The Centre for Advanced Studies offers a unique space and atmosphere for curiosity-driven fundamental research at Chalmers. Through visiting scientist programmes, postdoctoral fellowship programmes, workshops, conferences and summer schools, the Centre will enhance Chalmers’ international prominence and competitiveness and improve the quality of the university’s research and education.
Chalmers is a meeting place for people from far and wide and of all ages and backgrounds. Bringing together people with different perspectives, ideas and needs liberates the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship and the desire for a good life.

To push the boundaries of possibility onwards and upwards, Chalmers also needs a strong financial foundation.
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Published: Wed 02 Dec 2015. Modified: Thu 03 Dec 2015