Friends of Chalmers

Friends of Chalmers is an annual scholarship and development fund which gives more people the opportunity to actively support Chalmers University of Technology. Projects and individuals are selected as recipients of the fund’s resources on an annual basis.

On behalf of our donors we invest in

Persons - through scholarships to young researchers and students
Ideas - by supporting research and other development projects at Chalmers

Chalmers has an excellent international reputation and a leading role in many areas. The Friends of Chalmers scholarship and development fund is one way to maintain this role and strengthen Chalmers even more. We have identified two areas which are of importance to Chalmers, our students and researchers. When you contribute to the fund you decide whether you want to make a single donation or donate regularly and which area you want to support. All donations go directly to the area of your interest.

We believe that you share our conviction that knowledge and research are vital to the development of the world, and that Chalmers should have an influence on the international arena. Our ambition is to strengthen the ties between students, researchers, industry and society. By contributing to the Friends of Chalmers foundation you support those areas that lie closest to your heart.

The Friends of Chalmers fund is an annual fund which means that it is of long-term importance to the university. All donations, no matter size, are as important and contribute to change and development of Chalmers University of Technology. You can donate on single occasions or regularly. If you want to remain anonymous we won’t publish your name on our web-site or in any other marketing material. Although we will keep you informed about how your support is used through this web-site and our regular news letter.

Behind the initiative Friends of Chalmers stands Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmers Student Union, Chalmers Alumni Association and Chalmers University of Technology Foundation.