Environmental Science and Sustainable Development

Chalmers’ ambition to contribute to sustainable development is based on the work carried out in departments in the form of research and teaching. Many of the great questions of the future to which Chalmers wishes to contribute by developing knowledge and technology in the form of teaching and research deal with both environmental questions and the broader perspective of sustainable development. Here we are to a great extent dependent on an interplay between many different disciplines both within and outside Chalmers. To help us we have several different centres and networks.

At Chalmers there are several departments focusing on environmental science but the scope of the issues means that almost all of Chalmers is devoted to environmental questions, though to differing degrees. Part of our initiative in the area is being channelled through Chalmers Environmental Initiative, with the Chalmers Foundation as the main interested party.

A small sample of the areas of strength at Chalmers are:
  • Climate questions in a wide sense
  • The energy field, such as alternative energy systems and their prerequisites on the market, the development of energy systems and energy efficiency
  • Environmental systems analysis, development of methods and tools for the analysis of technical systems and products, as well as consumption patterns and indicators of sustainability 
  • Material flows, e.g. raw materials, energy, cultivation problems 
  • Risk assessment, e.g. methods for decontaminating polluted land
  • Logistics and transport systems, both regional and in urban environments 
  • Urban waterways, access and cleaning 
  • Sustainable construction, e.g. interior environment, design, urban development

If you wish to know more, you can find information on the links on the left which lead to a number of units within Chalmers in which environmental science is a main component.

If you need help to find information, you can approach Göteborg Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV. GMV is a centre at Chalmers and Göteborg University and a platform for global cooperation and development of environmental science and sustainable development.


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