Combustion Engine Research Center, CERC

The centre has been appointed as a national resource by the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development (NUTEK). The overall aim is to conduct industrially relevant research within the area of internal combustion engines in a joint venture between university departments, companies and other related centres. One important aim is to contribute to a significant decrease in fuel consumption and harmful exhaust gas emissions from internal combustion engines.

Research program

The research program is split up in two levels depending on its character:

  • basic research
  • applied research

In the basic research program, projects can deal with topics such as physical pheno-mena, modelling, and methods. Projects may also focus on measurement systems, measuring principles and simulation tools. Projects in this subprogram will be listed under:

  • diagnostic programs
  • emission programs
  • simulation and modeling programs
  • fuel and additive programs

Projects in the applied research program will be listed under:

  • otto engine programs
  • diesel engine programs
  • engine governing program

In order to run the activities at the centre as efficiently as possible, several projects involve collaboration between industries, departments at Chalmers University of Technology and other centres and universities within the discipline.

Special equipment

  • Laser-Doppler-Anemometer System. Acquisition cost: USD 0.2m.
  • Single cylinder engine, 0.5 l, Otto or diesel. Acquisition cost: USD 0.3m.
  • Three engine test stands. Acquisition cost: USD 0.1m.
  • Emission test equipment. Acquisition cost: USD 0.4m.
  • Single cylinder engine, 2 l, Diesel under erection. Acquisition cost: USD 1.5m.
  • High pressure combustion chamber (Aachen), high pressure 100 bar, temp 900 K, connected to laser. High speed camera. Acquisition cost 0.3 m

Page manager Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010.