Chalmers uses the Visma Proceedo purchasing system. This means that all procured framework agreements must be connected via Visma Proceedo and be electronically orderable from contract start. Three months before the cooperation starts off, electronic catalogue, punch out or product form must be set up. By contract start, the agreement will be orderable in Proceedo. Chalmers requirements regarding format and content must be followed. 

With e-commerce, buyers and their merchants and service providers exchange electronic messages between their various e-commerce systems in accordance with a pre-agreed business process. This means, both parties can profit from benefits of an automated e-commerce service. Connection to electronic commerce can be done in two ways; integration through Chalmers system supplier Visma Proceedo or through the supplier portal. It is free of charge for a supplier to join the portal.

Support of business processes through electronic commerce

The supplier is able to electronically connect to Visma Proceedo´s standardized formats according to SFTI's defined business processes. Any costs related to agreed electronic purchasing process, are each parties responsibility to carry. The supplier must ensure technical conditions and costs before the offer is submitted. 
Catalogues within our e-commerce system will be viewed before published. Only goods matching the agreement will be accepted.

E-invoices (at Chalmers University of Technology)

Chalmers is committed to sustainability in all areas, invoicing is of course no exception. As part of this we are working to increase the amount of electronic invoices. One of the requirements in our procurement is to send us e-invoices, but we would like as many of our suppliers as possible to send an e-invoice.

You as a supplier can either send invoices to OpusCapita  through your business system, or you can register your invoices for free on their website.


Please contact OpusCapita by e-mail customerservice.en@opuscapita.com​
 or by phone; +46 8 475 28 90

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