Supplier information

Invoice address

Chalmers University of Technology
Invoice service
SE-412 96 Gothenburg 

Accepted reference code
Reference code (8 figures)
Orderer´s name and cost center 

Correct legal company name is a formal requirement for the right to deduct input V A T. Swedish suppliers preferably send us e-invoice (pdf is not an e-invoice). 

With regard to Chalmers environmental and sustainability goals, the following invoice formats are accepted:


Unit of Procurement
Phone: + 46 31 772 1000

E-commerce support
Phone: + 46 31 772 4400

Invoice helpdesk
Phone: + 46 31 772 3000 

Goods and freight

Delivery address for goods arriving to Chalmers:  Gibraltarvallsvägen 7. 
For any further information please contact Post and Transport center by phone +46 31 772 5960.

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