Audio description: Interior Chalmers Student Union building

Chalmers premises

​Chalmers is a campus-based university that is characterized by its possibilities where teachers, faculty and student meet, where academia and society interact. Chalmers premises enables a rich student as well as work life through it’s mix of public areas, café’s, restaurants, research facilities, classrooms, offices, student accommodation and science parks. ​

Tracks Learning Environment

Tracks is a new educational initiative that consists of elective courses, and developments of the educational system and Chalmers’ learning environments at Campus Johanneberg. To give Chalmers students the best possible conditions, Tracks includes a large investment in Chalmers' learning environments on Campus Johanneberg. This is going to be a place where students from all programmes can meet to learn and create togheter under the same roof. In order to meet the needs of tomorrow, the flexible learning environment will include a a number of different workshops, studios for film and virtual reality, a physiology lab, textile studio and more. The inauguration is expected to take place in 2022. 

Tracks – elective courses and innovative learning environments​

Chalmers student accommodation

Chalmers works closely with the foundation Chalmers Studentbostäder regarding the development of student accommodation on and close to campus. The foundation was formed by the City of Gothenburg and Chalmers Student Union. The foundation owns and manages accommodation for about 2,200 students on Campus Lindholmen and Campus Johanneberg and in the Landala and Guldheden areas of the city.
Chalmers student accomodation​ (Chalmers studentbostäder)

The House of William Chalmers​ (Chalmersska huset)

For more than 200 years Chalmersska huset has been home to family life with private residences as well as serving as a platform for the business community with generous areas for enterprise. Perhaps the most exciting aspect is that the foundation of Chalmers University of Technology is located here – it was thanks to the last will and testament of William Chalmers that a high-ranking institution of higher education could be established. Chalmersska Huset is today used as a meeting venue for conferences, workshops, seminars, lunches and dinners. Principally in the same way that William Chalmers used his house when he lived here. Visit Chalmersska Huset’s website​ for more information.

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