Audio description: The house of William Chalmers in Gothenburg

The House of William Chalmers

Today the house, "Chalmersska huset", is used as a meeting place for conferences, workshops, seminars, luncheons and dinner parties. That’s basically the same purpose to which William Chalmers put it when he lived here 200 years ago. His doors were always open to friends and acquaintances; he hosted delightful dinners, parties and entertainment, as well as serious meetings and deliberations.  

In the spirit of William Chalmers’ hospitality, we continue to make his house available to our friends and partners. The will that he completed in 1811 left half of his fortune “to the future establishment of a certain Industrial School for poor children, who has learned  to read and write.”   


Chalmersska husets webpage (external, swedish)

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