Dining rooms and drawing rooms

You can enjoy the magnificence of the drawing rooms while taking a coffee break, discussing a workshop or socialising before dinner. The lovely yellow light of the marble drawing room and the austere elegance of the grey sitting room hint at shadows of the fascinating people with whom William Chalmers surrounded himself.


Gula kabinettet

Grå förmaket



Chalmers invited a wide assortment of guests to dinner in Joniska matsalen (dining room) on the second floor. He had a superb chef by the name of Louis Bonvalet, and an invitation to dinner at the House of William Chalmers was a coveted privilege that few people would consider turning down. The dining rooms serve splendid food to this day – the guest dining room on the second floor is used for both luncheons and dinner parties.

Kinesiska gården on the first floor was Chalmers’ stable, but we have added a glass roof and created an additional room. As a tribute to his 10 years in Canton, we have furnished his stable in Chinese style and created a dining room with elegant fabrics, Chinese art and a murmuring spring. You can enjoy both coffee break, lunch and dinner here if you are attending a meeting on the first floor. At night the stars sparkle through the glass roof.

Bankvalvet was built in1895 and was designed by the arcithect by name Hjalmar Kumlien. It was the first vault in Gothenburg to open for the public.


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