Five Star Campus

Five Star Campus is aimed at developing the campus areas at Chalmers to be attractive, experimental environments that embody and give a visible shape to Chalmers’ vision “For a sustainable future”. Campuses should express the image of Chalmers as an innovative world-class university – spending time on our campuses should be fun!

Photo of 3D model of Campus Johanneber
3D model of Campus Johanneberg

A new research communication tool is available at Chalmers – a three-dimensional model of Campus Johanneberg with eye-catching visualisations. The 3D model can be used by anyone at Chalmers, at events such as conferences, exhibitions or meetings. You can also be involved in its development by entering visualisations of your own research, provided that it is linked in some way to the campus area and sustainability. This tool can also be used by anyone who sees the potential for using the campus area to illustrate a concept or theory. The model is an ideal tool for illustrating, for example, flows of energy, people or transport, invisible environmental data such as particles, wind or weather conditions. The only limits are your own imagination!
You are welcome to use the powerpoint model model to visualize your ideas on the campus in the 3D table.
To borrow or develop the 3D model, contact Jenny Forshuvud, see contact page for details.

Solar initiative.Solar Initiative

The Solar Initiative research project is in progress on the roof of MC2 in Campus Johanneberg, where a solar cell module is installed. Since the project isn’t visible to passers-by, a screen with information about the project and the researchers behind it has been installed. A yellow line has been drawn from the solar cell on the roof via the rainwater pipe and down to the screen, to visually link the two together.

Test bed walk

Chalmers University of Technology can be experienced in many different ways, one of them being through the research undertaken, demonstrated, tested and visualised on the campus areas. At Johanneberg we bring together the projects most worth visiting in a testbed tour, which can be combined with study visits or other types of events, or simply make a meeting stand out and be more inspiring.
Depending on the occasion and requirements, it is possible to engage a project manager or researcher who will provide a more detailed commentary for all or parts of the tour.

Published: Wed 20 Nov 2019.