Chalmers campuses

Chalmers University of Technology runs operations on Campus Johanneberg and Campus Lindholmen and at Onsala Space Observatory. 

Campus Johanneberg can be described as a city campus closely connected to the central parts of the city. Johanneberg Science Park to the south initiates collaboration with the business community in the fields of Urban Development, Energy and Materials. Chalmers has about 10,500 students, of whom roughly 8,500 are based on Campus Johanneberg in 2019. This is the largest Chalmers campus, and its areas are linked together by paths, green spaces and small roads. 
Campus Lindholmen has an attractive location in direct contact with the mouth of the Port of Gothenburg in a very expansive part of the city. The transport links from the city centre to Campus Lindholmen are constantly being developed – most recently with a sustainable environmental investment in an electric bus route between Campus Lindholmen and Campus Johanneberg. At Campus Lindholmen, Chalmers focuses on Transport, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), and Shipping and Marine Technology. The City of Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park are now implementing an initiative with the goal that 30,000 people will be studying, conducting research, working or living on Lindholmen by 2021. Chalmers has about 10,500 students, of whom roughly 1,500 are based on Campus Lindholmen in 201 9.

Onsala Space Observatory, 45 km south of Gothenburg, constitutes the national Swedish facility for radio astronomy. The facility provides researchers with equipment for studying Earth and the wider universe. The Department of Space, Earth and Environment  at Chalmers University of Technology hosts the observatory, and the activities are conducted as tasked by the Swedish Research Council. A new visitors centre will be inaugurated during 2022. ​

Chalmers’ campuses are to constitute inspiring creative environments that encourage people to spend time there, day and night, all year round. The buildings and outdoor environments of our campuses are to be managed and developed within the framework of our environmental management system, in compliance with legal requirements and with constant improvements to our sustainability performance. Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg today enjoy integrated, successful collaboration – which among other things helps to strengthen Gothenburg as a city of knowledge. 

Page manager Published: Mon 06 Dec 2021.