Chalmers campus development

Chalmers has a function for Facilities Management and Campus Development – in Swedish Funktionen för Lokalförsörjning och campusutveckling (LoC). This function is responsible for the strategic planning of the university’s premises and provides Chalmers’ management with relevant documentation as a basis for decisions in the university’s operational areas. The LoC function works on behalf of the Executive Committee for Education and develops milieus such as the university’s learning environments and study areas based on Chalmers’ overall goals for world-class education, excellent research, effective utilisation and first-rate indoor environments. In turn, this means that Chalmers’ premises and campus environments must be functional, inspiring and flexible and contribute to cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. The LoC function coordinates the development of premises and campuses with a direct connection to Chalmers in collaboration with the property company Chalmersfastigheter. 

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Page manager Published: Tue 07 Jun 2022.