Scholarship applications

Picture: Students in Laos, project is run by Janna Forsén, Carl Gunnarsson, Arthur Noort and Johanna Bjarsch Follin 2014.

Announced by: Chalmers
Announced on: Spring, 1 January  2016

Do you have a project or an idea?

Take the chance to realize your project or idea and apply for the Chalmers Mastercard scholarship. Projects can cover e.g. thesis work, undergraduate work, projects that benefit students, start-up of new associations or similar. We are looking for projects that can give Chalmers more competitive power and luminosity.


Scholarship committee guidelines:

 • Good for students/provides value

• Good for the university/provides value

• Enables the cardholder to feel proud about Chalmers and university activities


Each year Chalmers MasterCard share out a half percent of card turnover as project grants and scholarships to Chalmers students. Card users thus support the students of today. Cardholders can be students, alumni and university employees.


Published: Wed 18 Feb 2015. Modified: Wed 03 Feb 2016