Chalmers MasterCard – for more brilliant ideas

Apply for a Chalmers Master card today and help to support the Chalmers proud architect and engineer tradition. Each time you use your cars, Handelsbanken Finans donate 0.5 percent of the amount to Chalmers, money we then invest in university engineers in the shape of scholarships.

Some of the benefits for Chalmers Mastercard holders
  • What is so special about our Chalmers Mastercard is that 0.5% of turnover goes to a Chalmers student project  that enables students to do something unusual during their education. In 2014 we shared out 482 000 kronor.
  • A Chalmers MasterCard gives you access to fascinating study visits, lectures and events arranged each term to thank card users. This is exclusive to those holding a Chalmers MasterCard.
  • Such advantages as travel cancellation insurance, fuel discounts, golf insurance and more.
  • We pay your card fee for the first twelve months.


Please send your filled-in application form in an unstamped envelope to:
Handelsbanken Finans
110 00 Stockholm
Download the pdf-file to send in
For more information
To find out more about Chalmers  Mastercard, please fill in the form below. If you have any other questions, please contact the appropriate alumni:

Published: Wed 18 Feb 2015. Modified: Tue 29 Mar 2016

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