Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony 2019

Chalmers University of Technology holds two graduation ceremonies each year to honour the graduating students who have received their degrees.

Who will be invited?
All students who have graduated from Chalmers are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony and dinner.


The invitation to the ceremony and dinner is sent together with the certificate of degree.

Your degree must have been approved and issued for registration and participation.

Please note that the office turnaround time is approximately 8 weeks.



To participate in the graduation ceremony costs SEK 125 per person (also graduants). The graduation dinner costs SEK 595 (also graduants).




Spring ceremony

The spring graduation ceremony will be held on March 7, 2020 at RunAn, Johanneberg Campus.

Ceremony at 16.00.

Dinner at kl. 18.30 in Student Union Restaurant.

Participation in the spring graduation ceremony costs SEK 125 per person (also for the graduate). Participation at the dinner costs SEK 595 per person (also for the graduate).

New for 2020 is that only those who have passed and recieved their degree have the opportunity to register.

 Registration for the graduation ceremony opens on February 1 and closes on February 15.

 Autumn ceremony

New for 2020 is that the autumn ceremony will take place in the Congress Hall, Svenska Mässan, with the following banquet.

The date for the autumn graduation ceremony is November 14, 2020.

Due to the large number of graduates who want to attend the graduation ceremony in the fall, we have chosen to make one large ceremony instead of splitting up the ceremonies that were done earlier.

Participation in the autumn graduation ceremony costs SEK 150 per person (also for the graduate). Participation at the dinner costs SEK 695 per person (also for the graduate).


  • There will be one or two graduation ceremonies held on the same day. 


  • Graduands from the same programme attend the same ceremony.


  • Only one diploma will be handed out to each graduand, usually with the graduand's highest degree.


  • After the ceremony you are invited to a glass of sparkling wine. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available. 


  • There is an opportunity to have your photograph taken after each ceremony.


  • The graduation dinner will be held on Johanneberg Campus.

Due to limited seats at the ceremony and dinner, first come first served is applied for registered with approved degree. You are allowed to bring maximum 3 guests to the ceremony and the dinner.


For questions concerning the graduation ceremony and dinner, please contact Events at
For questions about your degree please contact The Office of Degrees at

Questions and answers, FAQ


What is the dresscode?

Graduands wear dark suit or a dress/ trouser suit. Alternatively national dress/traditional costume can also be worn. The Chalmers cap (white for ceremonial occasions) is not compulsory but adds to the festive impression.


Does the dress code apply to my guests as well?

Your guests should wear a dark suit or suitable dress if they are attending the dinner. If your guests are only attending the ceremony, then the dress code is not compulsory, but we regard formal dress as a sign of respect for you and the other graduands as a matter of course.



May I invite guests?

You may invite a maximum of three guests to both the graduation ceremony and the dinner. If you wish to invite more guests, please note this on your registration. We will contact you after registration deadline in case we have spare seats. 



Why is the number of guests limited?

We think that it is important to arrange the graduation dinner at a venue linked to Chalmers. At present there is no restaurant either on Johanneberg Campus or Lindholmen Campus for more than about 500 people.



Must I attend the dinner after the graduation ceremony?

No, the graduation ceremony and the graduation dinner are two separate events. 

In order to register for the dinner, you must, however, have taken part in the graduation ceremony the same day.



May children attend the ceremony?

Children can come to the ceremony, but your guests should be prepared to take them outside if they disturb other guests.



May children attend the dinner?

The dinner is an occasion for adults and we therefore do not recommend participation of children. If you decide to bring children who requires a seat of their own and they are included in the amount of guests and will be charged the same price as adults.

How do I pay for me and my guests?

Information will come with payment instructions when you and your guests are registrered and confirmed.

Please note that your registration is obligatory when you have paid. No refunding will be made.


Published: Mon 13 Jan 2020.