Research Supervisor of the year

By awarding Research Supervisor of the Year, Chalmers wishes to draw attention to the value of good supervision both for the personal development of the PhD and for his/her research results.

Chalmers Postgraduate Section proposes the candidate for the award. Contact them if you wish to know more about the Research Supervisor of the Year award.


2015: Henk Wymeersch​

2014: Jonas Ringsberg

2013: Erik Agrell

2012: Hans Johanesson

2011: Christine Räisänen

2010: Andrei Sabelfeld

2009: Erik Ström

2008: Kenth Lumsden​

2007: Lars Davidson

2006: William K George

2005: Paul Gatenholm

2004: Duncan Sutherland

2003: Bengt Andersson

2002: Anna Dubois and Lars-Erik Gadde

2001: Hans-Olof Andrén

2000: Mats Stading

1999: Staffan Jacobsson​

1998: Bo Berndtsson

1997: Dag Hanstorp

Page manager Published: Thu 14 Jul 2022.