Doctoral Conferment Ceremony

Chalmers was given the right to confer doctorates in 1940. Since then 3,082 PhDs (Engineering), 325PhDs, 3 PhDs (Economics), one PhD (Medicine) and 206 honorary doctors have been conferred. 

Chalmers organizes a conferment ceremony every spring. 

The ceremony takes place in the Concert Hall on Saturday May 6th 2017.

After the conferment ceremony there is a banquet in the Restaurant at the Student Union House at campus Johanneberg. Buses will transport guests from the ceremony to the campus. 

Chalmers invites the PhDs whose application of a PhD degree has been reviewed and issued on February 28 at the latest to register for participation.

The processing of your application begins when the information required is complete and takes approximately two months. Please note that the processing can be both shorter and longer due to the work load and in incomlete application will delay the procedure. If you apply for a degree at the end of a semester the time to get your degree will usually be longer.

For further information on the ceremony and the banquet contact Events on e-mail

Published: Thu 14 Oct 2010. Modified: Mon 16 Jan 2017