Maps, parking and restaurants

A number of central functions, the President’s administration as well as departments and a large library can be found on Campus Johanneberg. There are also cafés and restaurants as well as the student union building.
Campus Lindholmen conducts research and education in close collaboration with the business community. The Campus offers a student union building as well as a library, and a number of cafés and restaurants.

Interactive maps

Find buildings, lecture halls, dormitories etc, as well as restaurants, parking, ATMs and other services on our campus areas via our online maps. 

Map of Campus Johanneberg
Map of Campus Lindholmen
Map of Onsala

The map services are also available through our Android/iOS apps.  

Maps for download

Visitors can park in all designated parking spaces on both campuses, please see maps below.

Find your way to Chalmers

Also see "Find your way to Chalmers" for maps and directions to our campuses.

Published: Fri 06 Oct 2017.