Chalmers Professional Education


Chalmers Professional Education is a commercial subsidiary in the Chalmers group that offers courses on assignment for industry. Every year we train over 4,000 participants in diverse courses within our business areas of Shipping, Industrial Engineering, Energy, Built Environment and Executive Education.
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Executive Education
The Executive field integrates current research in Technology Management with practical experience from world-leading industrial companies. By raising competence in leadership, organization and strategy, we help our customers to strengthen their competitiveness.

Education for: R&D Manager | Production Manager | Supply Chain Manager | Project Manager


Industrial Engineering
Renewal, increased efficiency, and sustainable development are paths to success in a changing industrial climate. The field of Industrial Technology offers education with a focus on technology and methodology for product and production development.

Education for: Developer | Lean Coordinator | Healthcare | Production Developer


Swedish maritime industry is changing rapidly, and competence improvement is a prerequisite for those actors who want to maintain and strengthen their positions on the market. The field of Shipping provides both open courses and company-adapted special solutions for shipping companies and other maritime firms.

Education for: Deck Staff | Engine Staff | Catering | Shorebased Personnel


Conversion to renewable energy sources, energy effectivization, and expansion of smart electricity networks are placing new demands on companies and organizations. The Energy field offers open course and company-internal programmes with a view to the future's energy systems.

Education for: Energy Production | Energy Distribution | Energy Efficiency | Climate and Environment


Built Environment

In order to be able to develop our built environment in a sustainable way, the industry search for new methods and approaches to meet the challenges, requirements and conditions imposed. The courses offered in the field of the Built Environment convey the knowledge necessary to address these challenges.

Educations in Built Environment

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