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Chalmers’ vision and strategy

Chalmers’ vision and strategy will be made concrete in the form of interim targets and strategies for the next two to five years as part of our Prioritised Operational Development plan and will then be broken down into action plans for separate organisational units. On 8 June 2022, the University Board approved the vision and strategies summarised below.

The vision: ”Chalmers – a globally outstanding university of technology, for a better world”

Over the past two hundred years, technological progress has made a decisive contribution to a better life for humankind. However, it is that same technological development that is in many ways responsible for the serious situation our planet now finds itself in. Chalmers must therefore focus even more on the transition that is needed for sustainable change.

We will provide education and research at the highest international level that also effectively benefits both people and the planet.

his development is possible if we fully exploit our unique structure: a Foundation University that is also part of a group, which gives us great freedom both organisationally and in terms of funding. This means opportunities for creativity and free research – essential factors for scientific quality at the highest level. The foundation structure is a privilege that comes with obligations, and we aim to fulfil those obligations by developing into one of the leading universities of technology in the world by 2041.

This will enable us to contribute even more to a better world. It also helps maintaining Sweden’s position as a competitive research and innovation nation.

Chalmers’ mission and purpose

Chalmers has a proud tradition of continuously pushing forward and going its own way. As a Foundation University, we have a particular responsibility to lead the way and challenge established systems. Our culture is one of pragmatism and openness, rather than hierarchy and formality, and is key to our success. We work in collaboration with other stakeholders, regionally and globally.

Our remit is to educate and conduct research so as to create and disseminate knowledge, skills and solutions based on scientific evidence that benefit both individuals and society in both the short and the long term.

Objectives for 2041

We will specify measurable objectives as part of the upcoming process and in the Prioritised Operational Development plan.

  • Establish Chalmers as one of the leading universities of technology in Europe, with our teachers and researchers regularly attracting both national and international attention for the high quality of their work and their ambition.
  • Chalmers has developed its culture of building leadership, employeeship and values, as well as operations support and environments, that, together, support and stimulate the development of academic activity.
  • Improve both the quality and effectiveness of education so that, through its content and format, it addresses current and future societal challenges innovatively and relevantly.
  • Increase the impact, effectiveness and pace of utilisation and the implementation of research findings that can accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. Gain increased international recognition for the way in which we develop entrepreneurial skills.


In order to achieve our objectives, we will be focusing on developing and implementing:

  • A recruitment and staff development strategy to ensure that Chalmers is able to attract and develop greater numbers of world-leading faculty members and can offer all employees a career that includes opportunities to develop and enhance their skills.
  • An educational strategy that ensures that all Chalmers students are offered education of the highest quality, whose content, format and objectives are attractive to students, teachers and future employers alike and that makes efficient use of Chalmers’ teaching resources.
  • Top-class operations support with committed, responsible leadership and employeeship that jointly inspire and drive quality. This support will enable teachers, researchers and other staff to focus on their core tasks in a shared culture that builds first-class teams and environments.
  • A robust funding strategy that facilitates increased base funding and greater freedom of action. The Chalmers Foundation has principal responsibility for the strategy, which will set out how the group can achieve more unrestricted base funding through a combination of fundraising, growing the Foundation’s capital and expanding commercial operations, together with effective political lobbying seeking to enhance state base funding for research.
  • A strategy for contributing to sustainable societal change that defines how the Foundation structure and the University’s role in the group as a whole can support the above initiatives, measures and overall vision.​

Page manager Published: Wed 14 Sep 2022.