Environmental management system at Chalmers

Chalmers operates a proactive sustainability effort with extensive investments in education and research for a sustainable future, and an active internal environmental work. Our ambition is that Chalmers’ campuses should act as role models with good examples, which inspire students, employees and visitors to a sustainable lifestyle.

Thousands of students pass through Chalmers each year. The sustainability efforts the students get to experience and be part of here are something they can bring with them to their future workplaces, and home to their families.

We also strive to reduce the environmental impact of our daily activities through, for example, safe handling of chemicals, waste separation at source and reduced car commuting to and from Chalmers.

We use an environmental management system to achieve continuous sustainability improvements in everything from education and research to the internal environment. As of 2012, our environmental and sustainability work is certified according to the international standard ISO 14001 and is externally audited by LRQA.
Chalmers has put all internal environmental work into an environmental management system built according to the ISO 14001 template and is now certified by the external auditor LRQA

Please read more about our environmental management system at the internal web pages.

Published: Wed 27 Dec 2017.