Vision, goals and strategies

We are living in a world of swiftly changing conditions. Trends linked to phenomena including globalisation and digitalisation are having profound effect on all of us. The great challenges society is facing requires collaboration across boundaries of many different kinds. We are well equipped for this at Chalmers and that is the point of departure for the new vision and strategy document drafted for the period of 2016–2022 and looking forward to 2029. In this document, we have clarified our mission, which along with our vision, Chalmers – For a sustainable future, is the foundation of our operations.

“As a university of technology and science, our mission is to produce and spread knowledge, expertise and solutions that benefit everyone: both individuals and society. Education that prepares our students for the future, research at a high international level and close, open and meticulously crafted partnerships with industry and commerce and the public sectors make this possible. As a university and a partner whose appeal is recognised, we can work with others to make a real difference for a sustainable future.”

We know what we want, we know what we can do – and I am convinced that, based on our new vision and strategy work, Chalmers is going to gain an even more important role in the effort towards a sustainable future.

Stefan Bengtsson, President and CEO
June 2016

“Chalmers vision and strategies 2016-2022”  and  “Priority Operational Development 2017-2019” comprise Chalmers’s controlling and policy documents.

Download Chalmers vision and strategies 2016-2022 as pdf​

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