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 The Chalmers Day for a Sustainable Future 2013 is a day for all staff and students. The objective of the day is to inspire and through exciting challenges, best practices and valuable experiences show what is being done and which future opportunities we see coming. But it will also give rise to discussions and reflections. 

We truly believe that Chalmers makes a difference and that the engineers of the future are working in a global and border-crossing world. And The Chalmers Day for a Sustainable Future will show we are serious about a Sustainable Future. 
Featured content? 
  1. We want to visualize Chalmers driving force of sustainability by showing good examples of what we contribute today and for the future. Education, engineering solutions and promising breakthroughs in fundamental research. 
  2. We want to open the stage for a critical debate about technique, for actors within and outside Chalmers. 
  3. We want to identify what challenges we face and bring new ideas to the activities of research, education, innovation and collaboration related to the challenges. 

Published: Thu 07 Jun 2012. Modified: Thu 06 Nov 2014