​In the foyers of Chalmers conference centre, Johanneberg. 

F1: Benefits for a sustainable worklife
Organiser: Chalmers HR, Benify, Akademihälsan and Fysiken.

Are you aware of all the benefits you have as an employee at Chalmers? Come and meet HR representatives and our supplier of "Chalmers Plus".
Students, take this opportunity to meet representatives from Akademihälsan and Fysiken.

F2: The research network for sustainable development
Organiser: Mikael Östblom, GMV

Meet colleagues from other departments and discuss sustainable development and the global goals at our exhibition! Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development (GMV) act as a meeting place for collaboration and manages the research network for sustainable development at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg.
Are you already a member of the network? Come and discuss network activities with us!
Are you not yet a member? Learn more about the network and sign up! You could also find out more about our other networks, projects and events at Chalmers focusing collaboration for sustainable development.
Participate in our quiz and receive the Global goals card game! Discuss the global goals for sustainable development with a colleague.

F3: Sustainable Sports Technology

F4: CarbonCloud (between 11.00-15.00)
Organiser: David Bryngelsson
Meet with David Bryngelsson and his colleagues from CarbonCloud. By labelling lunches with their respective carbon emission at the Student Union Restaurant, they succeeded in lowering emissions with 25 percent.

F5: Your campus today and tomorrow (between 12.15-14.00)
Organiser: Chalmersfastigheter
Come visit us at the exhibition and give us your input on our campus areas. What works good or bad today, and how can it be improved? What do you want to see and experience on campus?

F6: Help evaluate our campus areas
Organiser: Liane Thuvander
During the event we are asking for your input on how you perceive our campus areas. The results of the survey will be presented at 14.00 (see the programme).
We will be mapping Chalmers Campus areas using a web-based map tool to understand how different areas are perceived and to identify locations that could be improved and developed. The collected data from this survey will be integrated into the model Virtual Cities, which will visualise how different target groups experience Chalmers Campus areas from different perspectives.

F7: Digital twin of Chalmers campus (between 12.00-15.00)
Organiser: Bernd Ketzler
Virtual City also has a workshop, read about it here (A1) >

F8: Play the card game Klimatkoll
In coffee breaks, in a group room next to Volvo foyer.

Published: Sun 16 Sep 2018. Modified: Thu 18 Oct 2018