Chalmers role in society

Track E - The University's role in Society

E1: Fake news – gimmicks and pseudo science
Organiser: Sheila Galt
Time: 10.00-11.00
Room: Scania, Chalmers conference centre, Johanneberg

Chalmers’ students and employees are (ought to be) in a good position to help the public and policy makers see the difference between scientifically supported “facts” and “fake news”. In areas such as well-being, health and medical care, many examples flourish where evidence based scientific “proof” is lacking.
Anyone interested in supporting a scientific approach needs knowledge of, among other things, information evaluation (source criticism), statistics, “cherry picking”, and the placebo effect. We will discuss Chalmers-relevant examples and what we can (and possibly should) do at Chalmers to address such questions, within education, research and public relations.

E2: How to use the SDG’s as a map for your research and innovation strategy
Organiser: Anne Alsholm
Time: 11.15-12.15
Room: Palmstedtsalen, Chalmers conference centre, Johanneberg

Chalmers innovation office will guide you on how to use the SDG’s, the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals as a map for your research and innovation strategy. We want to show you that the SDG's are not a number of tick boxes but a way to make your research and its utilisation relevant in society. Based on your research you will map out the most important SDG in your research domain.
Read up on the SDG's >

E3: What does sustainability mean at Chalmers?
Organiser: Fredrik Hedenus
Time: 12.45-13.45
Room: Scania, Chalmers conference centre, Johanneberg

In Chalmers communication of research “sustainable” is often used. But do we all mean the same thing? Fredrik Hedenus will explain not only that we often disagree, but also why, and why it is not necessarily a problem

E4: What does Chalmers Sustainable education look like in the future?
Organiser: Mia Knutson Wedel
Time: 12.45-13.45
Room: Ledningsrummet, Chalmers conference centre, Johanneberg

Presentation of the sustainability evaluation and extracts from policy papers + discussions.

E5: Speed-dating sustainability professionals
Organiser: Maria Rydberg
Time: 14.00-15.00
Room: Ledningsrummet, Chalmers conference centre, Johanneberg

Is your dream to use your engineering education and future career for sustainable development? Miljöbron gathers professionals from different industries related to your education, all of which have one things in common: they use their careers to make a difference. During short sessions you have the chance to meet both new and experienced professionals. Ask questions, network and get inspired on how to achieve a career in sustainability.

Published: Sun 16 Sep 2018. Modified: Thu 18 Oct 2018