Chalmers Sustainability Day 2018

About Chalmers Sustainability Day

The Sustainability day has been a successful annual event at Chalmers, aimed at employees and students, and very appreciated with the highest number of participants in 2013 with more than 700 registrations. The Sustainability Day returns this year after a short break, on the initiative of Chalmers Areas of Advance, with First Vice President Anna Dubois as owner of the event.

The program of the day will be based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and the overall theme for this year is Good Health and Well-being. The health theme is represented in goal 3, but is interrelated to all of the 17 global goals.

Health issues concern individuals, groups and society at large – from a local to global level. Chalmers can contribute in important ways to achieve goal 3 through research and innovation. Additionally, our work for good health and well-being is also a prerequisite for Chalmers as a sustainable environment for students and employees.

An organising group formed by AoA Energy is responsible for planning and implementing the day. The organising group is supported by a reference group with representatives from all the AoAs, educational areas and student representatives to capture initiatives from the entire organisation.

/Maria Grahn, Director of Area of Advance Energy

The organising group:
Annemarie Wöhri/Maria Saline, Area of Advance Energy (
Bo Norrman, Chalmers Innovation Office (
Andreas Hanning, Chalmers Challenge Lab (
Helene Ahlborg, Political Science, GU (
Anna Bergius, Chalmers Communications and marketing (
Malin Ulfvarson, Chalmers Communications and marketing (

The reference group:
Björn Johansson - AoA Production
Christel Cederberg - AoA Energy
Daniela Michael - AoA Information and Communication Technology
Ingrid Undeland - AoA Life Science Engineering
Liane Thuvander - AoA Building Futures
Per Thorén - AoA Materials Science
Selma Brynolf - AoA Transport
Tuve Mattsson – UO Fysik, kemi och bioteknik samt matematik och tekniskt basår
Ulrika Lundqvist – UO Maskinteknik, mekatronik och automatisering, teknisk design samt sjöfart och marin teknik
Ulrika Palme – UO Arkitektur och Samhällsbyggnadsteknik
Mikael Bergqvist - Chalmers Students for Sustainability

Published: Sun 16 Sep 2018. Modified: Tue 25 Sep 2018